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the curriculum. i feel liquor maybe it's under oath educational issues. i have to say the curriculum committee has mapped out the curriculum. it does touch a lot of what's going on. finally, i wanted to offer a resource for translation so i'm the liaison for the san francisco fund a we have volunteer interpreters that are available to meetings and i encourage you to get in touch with the san francisco education fund. >> thank you. i'm sorry i have to say i've had a hard time hearing but i'm happy we want to take this issue up in multiple committees because i think those issues have been unresolved for years. i'm happy to see we want to have the training. i think one of the things we should talk about is the division rule that the council never included parents was to be represented the communities that were had a specific interest in and expertise and the monitoring of our language programs. it seems that the very committed and parents have become members of the bilingual council and have been diluting it's oversight connection and also maybe dloouth some of that leadership on the e lake too.
and get information ton special education and mid school feeders and also the admission process. you can attend the early bird process on thursday october 17th from 5 to 7:00 p.m. in the board of education room 555 franklin street or saturday october 19th from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the board of education meeting room at 555 franklin or also on friday, october 25th in the board of education room. i encourage all our families to please attend and gather the information for the enrollment process. i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to report at the fifth annual partnership recognition event the community partnership award was for you can say sex carbon monoxide for trauma training and for training to your highest needs schools. it's 23 in partnership with the superintendents were over 1 thousand 1 hundred students have been directly impacted. the schools that partnered with our uc f hearts program has had an decrease in violence. they've given over 1 hundred hours to our unified school district staff. i'd like to aggravated assault on behalf of san francisco unified school distr
of education at nyu also an author, her latest book sell called reign of error the hopes of the privatization and danger of america's public school, please welcome back to the program, diane ravitch. >> hello. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> great, thank you. wonderful. >> nice to see you again. >> wonderful, was laughing my head off at the earlier segment, loved it. >> really quite amusing, we are. we work on that for at least an hour and a half a day. >> reign of error the hopes of the privatization movement and danger to america's public school. for me the most surprising thing in the book is you spend a great deal of time, one of the assumptions that we make in this country is that the public education system is broken. you make the case here that it's not correct. >> actually, no, it's not true at all. what i did was to look at all the data and i found out that the test scores today are the highest ever in history. graduation rates highest ever in history. dropout rates lowest ever in history and i came to the conclusion that kids today are, in fact, the smartest generation yet. >> jon:
are as we're trying to recruit people. he want to know what the board of education plans are to promote the b cc as you're looking to help us be a positive part of the team working with english language are learners along with pack we want to them to know how the promotion of the b cc as well as the teaching to continue to promote the b cc. i know we're on the we are talking about and posting our agenda and what else can we do it promote the b cc. we'd a lot of the board members to come and some folks have come and we've changed our meetings so i think there was a conflict with one thought i think it was one of your subcommittee meetings and we can be flexible and is if there's another conflict while try to resolve those. we courage the b o e commissioners to regularly check in with our appointees. but it would be great if you regularly check in with the people you've appointed to keep a finger other than the pulse of the b cc. number 2 we instructional with timely translations. it's our right and responsibility to ask for translations as better can be asking for translations for our ow
san francisco supreme court the board of education approved by the a vote of 5 yeses and settlement prudent to the district will resend a educational benefit allow the employee to retroactively resign and pay the employee the sum of 5 hundreds as a petition for a writ of men and women democrat and all possible claims against the district will be dropped. in arbitration matters and case and u.s. grievance number case no. ar b12 dash 2 r-7 the board of education approvals a supplement prudent to which the district will make 62 bargaining unit members. cumulative totally $500 plus in exchange for a dismissal claims relatively to the 2012 low implementation. do we have the vote on the last item >> 4 i's one a bit estimation. >> so in the matter of g l vs. the san francisco unified school district case no. 20168 percent 2 the board of education gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. in the united education matters pe rb case the board of education approved by the vote a supplemental prudent to which the district will pay 3 hours of extended hours pay to
transforming our education system as described as struggling in the past with a lot of different barriers and opening up to our effort to involve a larger picture of what our residents and their families really want to do in the great city of san francisco and how do we attract those families to stay here. i go to technology visits every tech tour tuesday and meet with thirty or 40 employees of those companies and many of them know their ipos won't come in like other families they want to be here and work in jobs by the first thing is what are we doing that the schools. that's the birthing sign of viechltd. the best investment is to create a family here because that means you've got fabricate in the way we've treated our schools and the private-public partnering we have. in addition the technology gap that sales force is helping us today with offer $1.7 million in the other person ipads and the tinge goes with it is the training of features tea administrators. that's similar to what auto deck zinc gesture offers. it's the support mechanisms. it's one thing to announce the gift bus it's th
as a seminal chafrng point in public education in san francisco moving forward. before i go any further i want to recognize our members our elected commissioner commissioner joel winning who's with us this morning (clapping) >> i'd like to recognize commissioner matt haney who is with us thank you. and playing a dual rule the mayors commissioner mendosa mcdonald who is here with us (clapping) and the heroes in my mind absolutely the folks that led the work effecting lives each and every day our entire principle group is here today. can you stand so we can applaud you? thank you. thank you for being here. and obviously, we want to thank our principle here at martin luther king middle school natalie for opening her doors to us (clapping) >> i'd like to okay as well as our assistant superintendant ms. jean i didn't pond. (clapping). >> our director of middle schools mr. richard curbing i didn't (clapping). >> and you may have heard r a word or two is our superintendant that supervisors our k 12 schools and, of course, i will introduce him look at later in the program but your absolutely visio
and an improvement in the education system. >> can the government actually come up with bold policies if these vested interests actually come up against opposition? >> well, what is happening in china right now, the leaders in beijing are trying to leverage the state council's recent proposal to try to consolidate and amplify public opinion ahead of the meeting that's supposed to reform. we're pretty skeptical these measures will be adequately addressed in a four-day weekend, but we're convinced china can achieve a consumer-driven economy. we believe policies next week that would address the social security system, to address the family registration system and the land right policies will help china move forward on its economic rebalancing act. >> the third plenary session will begin on saturday next week in beijing. >>> japan's new car sales rose in october for the second straight month. that was due to strong demand for mini vehicles and introduction of new hybrid models. auto industry officials say sales totalled more than 420,000 vehicles last month, up 17% year on year. auto sales had been slowi
inspiring that was and learning about the students and the education. just you know that it takes something like that make changes in the district. and i'm also concerned about just about mostly about student engagement and having enough students because the friday there were only 3 students out of a hundred i guess it should be a much higher number this and that. they're the number one stakeholders in the district so it's important we engage students more than we have in the future and i want to say the social media is a good way to do that. >> thank you. doctor >> i want to say the logan's remarks. i found that having the students participate was meaningful. like one of the examples was what would the high school student be in the year 20025 and they said that school would be at the 10:00 a.m. because kids need to sleep in there would be paid internships >> but really i wanted to thank the superintendant and a, of course, ms. marianna and in particular our funders. this wouldn't be possible without the philanthropists and those who created the basis for far-reaching thinking a
will now move on to item t the closed session action for the meeting the board of education approved the contract for one intifrm principle and one administrator. the board of education approved a minor modification of the schools contract with distribution to redraft the contract to include that modification. in the matter of g l vs. the unified school district case no. 80862 the board of education gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. wait a minute this is the vote total can't be correct and i also did not vote on that item you need to look at the vote totals again. so we may need to read this anti. can we clarify that before the at the end of this meeting. in the existing litigation meeting vs. the unified school district san francisco supreme court the board of education approved by the a vote of 5 yeses and settlement prudent to the district will resend a educational benefit allow the employee to
on children. nearly 3 million are at risk. many lack safe drinking water, health care and education. 2 out of 3 children have had to leave school. more than 1 million have fled the country with their families. 2 out of 5 of those children have no access to education. >>> now together in this studio is edward chiban, unicef's director for emergency programs. he's in charge of coordinating assistance in and outside of the country. thank you for coming to the studio today. you have just heard those numbers. what's the reality behind them? >> well, the reality behind those numbers is really children are at the center of this crisis. we have over 4 million that have been directly affected by the conflict. that's more than twice the population of tokyo's children. imagine, each one of them affected by the conflict. we're talking about children that no long ver access to health services, that have not been immunized in two years. children that have dropped out of school. we estimate inside syria more than 2 million children have dropped out of education. and behind those numbers, each of these ch
produce from one to the other, and educating both parties along the way. >> may need a look at the progress of a particular crop or report back, maybe some feedback, to the farmer about how the chefs are using it or what they might be looking for in the near future. >> in many ways, produce express and people like jim mills are the link between 1,300 different restaurants in northern california and produce from all over the golden state. today's visit took us to del rio botanical farm in yolo county, where suzanne peabody ashworth was keen to get restaurants to start trying the fresh fava beans and greens she's growing. >> so we'll take some of these greens into a couple of restaurants this morning and see what the chefs want to do with them. in sacramento, there's been an explosion of restaurants over the past 4 or 5 years in our capital. again, sacramento, california, agriculture, fruits and vegetables--there's a very bice link there and the interest that my customers have in this produce. >> we call at 5:30 in the morning and get the normal order, and then, along about 7:
in the program. therefore be it resolved that the board of education requests the superintendant to explore developing a plan for all students to finish or eat their breakfast at the beginning of the school day and we have one speaker ms. signing solomon you have 2 minutes >> thank you susan exclusive vice president. i think this is a great idea. it will help you never skip breakfast as some of you know. i taught kindergarten and this is helpful. some extra assistance in keeping the classrooms clean would help and teachers are keeping food in their classrooms and they get problems with rod dents. and having the correct complainers so if there can be some way of making sure everyone gets some help in the classrooms for keeping it clean. and at the for this resolution >> thank you, ms. solomon. >> i neglected to call on ms. o'keef any comments you want to make about this request before we move into any discussion. >> thank ou good evening. no, just to say we're excitedblast about this resolution and we look forward to working with the staff and our union partners to figure out the details
thing where we spent a great deal of time is our educational system urge -- system. have more students country than any other in our educational system. why do they come here, it is not just the quality of education, but the type of education. i think some of the disadvantages of education globally, so many people are taught facts. this might work very well for i am notcores -- and trying to diminish that at all. i do believe the american style of learning should get more credit in the ability to be thoughtful and critical thinking. as an employer who this year we hired 1100 employees and the year before we hired 1100 overyees, i would tell you 80% of the employees come from u.s. universities. we will continue to have that. as an employer and some of you has offices and 38 countries, the bulk of our employees comes from the united states and we are looking for people who know how to think and think creatively. >> thank you, larry. let shift to bill. from allst retailer over the world -- trying to increase the sourcing you're doing here in the united states. could you give us perspectiv
their heads. if people are better educated about these issues they will call the people on the carpet and say wait a minute. i think the mission, if i can give you that, would be to step outside your circle, your work circle and bring this issue to the broader public so they can create a change in the culture and the public's response to these issues that will then enable the politicians and legislators to make the reforms to the finances and the court's etc that really need to happen and one way i think is a good way to do that and i'm talking, i'm a journalist, an advocacy journalist, it's usually said with a sneer but i wear the badge proudly, to reach out to reporter's because of course they do have that soapbox to share these stories with. so reach out to reporter's in your local newspapers, crime reporter's, whoever, and just invite them to spend the day with you. invite them to spend a day looking at just a day in your life as a public defender, a day in the life of you as a parole officer, whatever it is. and it's a tradition journalist use a lot with cops. we do a police ride along.
for guilt is the norm at nearly all colleges. in 2011, the department of education ruled preponderance of the evidence is the right standard. it means that colleges require only a fraction more than 50% belief in guilt. they found him guilty banning him from campus for at least three years. >> i broke down and i was crying. you know, i was just devastated. so we walk out of the door, and i remember i dropped to my knees, and that's when i really lost it just started balling. >> i would not ever want to see my child looking the way that he looked. he alternated between rage and then he would just absolutely collapse down on the floor and just sob and sob and sob. >> they feared he might face even more serious consequences. >> so when i got found guilty at und, all of a sudden in my head the thought is if they found me guilty what is to stop a jury from finding me guilty and sending me to jail for 25 years to life. >> were you worried about the stigma? >> horribly. we didn't tell anybody. not even my family. >> the grand forks police department investigated the complaint. but a detective
is $500. >>> coming up at 6:00, we continue to educate you on the danger of the popular drug molly. christian schaffer continues his investigation into the club drug and its impact on our children. >> and we all like that extra hour of sleep but why do we we fall back anyway? those stories and more coming up at 6. here's a preview of what's coming up at 6:30. >> heroes on the court, but who are these mascots and what stuntses do they make david muir do? >>> disney on ice is back in baltimore. >> all your favorites are here, set to light. >> and he talked to several members about the show and their stay in charm city. >> reporter: with the show, disthey on ice has a celebration for all. >> we'll go through some of the typical celebrations, your birthday, wonder lanld and halloween. >> reporter: during one celebration, the audience is asked to help. >> change minnie mouse into a ball. so we need the magical words. >> reporter: for the skaters, the looks on children's faces is cr three love what they do. >> when they see them, they jump out of their seats. >> reporter: as the skaters
of patients that began in nineteen seventy nine the campaign has two major objectives educate voters about what the european parliament does and emphasize the importance of their boat a member of austria's parliament on smart cards is heading the campaign means he can always been here or in this one and once they know what the parliament is all about. they will be preparing to take part in the election because they can be sure that their vote will have an effect. all we need is a high turnout because it makes us stronger as members of parliament since there is a connection between information communication and participation. we have to do what we can to reduce the deficit of information the distortion of reality lots of people take guided tours of the european parliament every year some say they will vote in the next election. others say they won't. davis said that aside i am not going to vote because for five years i haven't voted not even for national elections because i'm convinced it has absolutely no impact and for the european election is even worse because we have the impression of
for this educational event and attend so you can better understand this opportunity. put the power in your hands and start taking control of your own life financially. >> shawn and i attended than's event a year ago, and we were pretty much novices when it came to real estate. the way that our business has been growing, i'll be able to quit my regular full-time job within the next 12 months. >> at the event, we will also teach you the second way i flip properties. and that's by fixing the property up and then selling it, like we do on our tv show. for example, this is one of the 31 properties i'm working on right now. on this property alone, i'm gonna make several times over what the average american makes in a year. just imagine how doing just one deal like this would impact your entire life. in fact, here are the profits i made in the last two months alone, just on properties i've rehabbed. i love this aspect of real estate because you can make even bigger profits, while, at the same time, you're improving neighborhoods. however, it's not as easy as it looks on tv. that's why you have to learn
&explains why state educators say there is still a long way to go. >> the graduation rate is almost at 84%. but that means there's still a good portion of students dropping out. and state educators say that's one student too many. >> reporter: more of maryland's high school students are getting diplomas in 40 years. new numbers friday show the state's graduation rate for the class of 2012, rose just over 33%. an increase of 1.5% in two years. >> more and more of our principals are making sure that individual students complete high school education on time. >> reporter: they say it play a big part. >> i think it's really reassuring. >> they are comforted by the number. high school seniors are encouraged. >> that's good. like many people in our jobs, going to high school and graduating college. >> passing state assessment, which focusing -- focuses on english, math, and biologist. -- biology. >> i think the bridge project does help some of our students who traditionally would become very frustrated and give up. >> while the graduation rate might be up, state educators say there is still roo
constructive on the united states and where we spend a great deal of time is our educational system, which unfortunately a lot of people malign that today. this will be discussed later, but we actually have more students overseas than any other country in our educational system. what you come here? it is not just the quality of education, but the type of education. some of the disadvantages of education globally, so many people are taught rote or talk facts. this may work very well or testing scores, and i'm not trying to diminish that at all. but i do believe that the advantage of the american style of learning, which should get more credit, is the ability to be thoughtful and critical thinking. as an employer who hired 1100 employees this year, i will tell you over 80% of our employees come from u.s. universities. we will continue to have that position. as an employer who has offices in 38 countries, the bulk of our employees come from the united states universities, and what we are looking for, people who know how to think and think creatively. >> thank you, larry. let's shift to bill.
education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. how can i help you? oh, you're real? you know i'm real! at discover, we're always here to talk. good, 'cause i don't have time for machines. some companies just don't appreciate the power of conversation! you know, i like you! i like you too! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and talk to a real person. >>> time now to take a look at the morning papers. new york times, supporters of new york city's controversial stop and frisk policy scored a victory in the courtroom. a panel of judges put a stay on a previous ruling that required changes to the policy. in addition, the panel removed a judge from the case saying she compromised the appearance of imparablety surrounding the litigation. she's been vocal in the press appearing in interviews and responding to criticism. >>> we have here, the new york daily news, we are going to have reporters covering the story. as
served in another position and was active and traveled around the country for the educational advocacy for the rights of lgbt people and during that period i spoke with numerous national organized having to do with help and serves for elders such as the american society on aging and task force for lblt and national alzheimer's association. so i was had the great opportunity to bring to attention the unmet needs of a very large invisible population not only in california but throughout the country. which became some of the great work that was later recognized by the state department of the aging and other organizations throughout the country and with the federal officer on aging. i'm now semi retired i live at a senior complex in san francisco. i continue to volunteer for the lgbt seniors. i'm now a representative that the health and aging program. and now that i'm a senior myself i'm getting to know what it feels like to be on the other side of the table. i remembered when i had the first legal interview how it felt so, now i know. i also want to mention i'm a licensed marriage and a f
theatre folks standing here we've got educational proomz programs. we're deeply involved with this neighborhood and we incubate a lot of newark. it's such a beautiful cathedral of a spates. in the another way for us to partner with the community. this this space we hope to produce newark and engage new and local and old after the. we hope to share this space. in the a neighborhood filled with arts. a lessons king and luggage store. we're privileged to be part of this community. we look across the street to the museum. thank you for being here today. we know we've got the art community here and scott wiener is a big supporter. thank you scott. it's been an amazing journey. we'll see a rich array ray the hope is it will be a way for k correction e it to acknowledge the education and training i training is an numerous part 3 will transform this city. i want to quickly acknowledge a lot of community arts based on organization that have helped us in this journey that were i want to thank john the director who helped us spearhead this and our amazing architects and plant consu
facility room and you will be educated. because you see, you are all not going to be able to do the right thick until you hear about things that started in bay view hunters point. i have been living there since 1948 and i know the history of my community. young people from that community are here today and the families and things and we know -- it seems like they try to get rid of us, but i'm not going no place. i'm going to be here. thank you very much. >> thank you. mr. kevin williams, welcome. >> good afternoon, senator torres, members of the commission. my name is kevin williams. i am co-chair of the bay view hunters point arts council and we're an ad hoc committee here to request that our protest of the san francisco art commission's community arts and education bayview program that is financed with puc funds be placed on this commission's agenda for a hearing. i am also a retired senior contract compliance officer for the city and county of san francisco, human rights commission. i am co-founder of the green lining institute. we have a mutual friend with bob. >> yes we do. >>
innovation and education because of the nature of our communities and the structure and the openness with which they operate. that people will have access here because we will continue to work hard to make sure that we have the most qualified workers one of the largest consumer market in the world. this, i do not say any of with one bit of arrogance. good newsecause that for america is also good news for the world. it is good news for you and your businesses. nina the importance of the american economy in terms of driving china's economy and other economies in the world. their importance is driving other economies in the region and elsewhere. it is a principle reason why we should invest in here. it is a top priority at a level i might any before. -- unlike any before. you're sitting here in the hot -- heart of the most open economy in the world. the u.s. is the largest recipient of direct investment. manufacturing was mentioned. we have about 5.6 million total good paying american jobs contribute in close to when chilean dollars to our economy that comes from foreign direct investme
? >> the correct answer. >> reporter: in the special education room during laura son's testing was sign language interpreter ann reed. >> i witnessed teachers providing answers, attaching sticky notes to the papers, having the students change their answer. >> there was no proof found that that had even occurred. >> the special ed teachers at loudoun valley know they lied during that investigation. >> reporter: no cheating was substantiated in the investigation, but what the investigation did show was a culture of unrealistic expectation and pressure for teachers to have their students perform well on test scores, not just in special ed, but for the entire loudon valley high school. kathy lair is the director of loudoun education association which represents the county's teachers. >> i can tell you that i had many teachers come to me to say that they had been pressured into altering their grades before they turned them into the administration. >> it's anonymous allegations, okay? nobody, nobody has come forth and said i was forced to change a grade. >> my son who is disabled works harder than an
for having a liberal education other than cash? >> college education is going to help you learn things and introduce to people around you and it is really expensive so what people are paying for is bry, they are hoping to get jobs afterwards and letting them down as a country. >> colbert: that's my rob with your site it is free and i believe the purpose of going to college is to acquire crippling debt. >> then the system is working. >> colbert: because the people who work for me say on this show who have college loans i know will never quit. no matter how poorly i treat them. so let's say that this utopian future of yours comes about. >> sure. >> colbert: and everybody learns bleep, blurp and your coding thing what will we do? all just sitting in like windowless cubicles coding madden 3,000? what will america be producing if we are all coding? >> i think every i have will change based on people understanding programming. >> colbert:. >> you can sell your things online and tell people what they have in stock that day. understand how to -- >> colbert: what do your parents think of this?
that's educating people and giving them a time, you know, for them to reflect on how they want to reenter back into society. and, michael, were you in that system before, and now you're out, and you're working with that community? yes, i'm formerly incarcerated, a returning citizen. and i also spent time in a halfway house, you know, which i think halfway houses are monumental, as opposed to just being thrust back into society, you still need that structured environment, you know, to regain your own empowered self and identify what's goin' on in your life and how you can move forward. it's really about trying to find what's going to work for you in that process of incarceration. so, you know, incarceration is something that touches a lot of people's lives. a lot of families have somebody that's incarcerated. absolutely. how did you determine that you wanted to become a peer support person? during my incarceration, i started taking some self-help groups. and once i started taking the self-help groups, you know, looking around at the room, i said, you know, i wanted to become one
their states. so that's- so, public educators. that, too, yeah. i mean, the functions run the gamut, yeah. but it's just basically, you know, providing the technical assistance to these groups to be the most effective advocates that they can in their states. very good. and that's a big piece of what we do. and when we come back, i want to touch more on the peer-to-peer coaching opportunities where people can get trained and become peer-to-peer support folks. we'll be right back. [music] every day, i seek a positive- direction for my life- through my accomplishments. and now, with help- and support from my family and others, i own- i own- i own my recovery from addiction and depression. join the voices for recovery. it's worth it. for information on mental and substance use disorders, including prevention and treatment referral, call 1-800-662-help. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services. [music] the mission of the penn north recovery center is to improve the quality of life, well-being of individuals and communities struggling to overcome substance abuse, pover
mitigated conflicts across a rack -- across iraq. why would with the foundations of civic education and human rights for the institutions of education. u.s. ap is part of the partnerships we we have made. a lot remains to be done in iraq. the road ahead will not the easy. your excellency, we assure you and the iraqi people that as a rock prepares for the 2016 elections, iraq can count on the support of the u.s. institute of peace is a partner on all levels. starting with the communities, to local councils, two dialogues. thank you. [applause] >> i would like to ask beth jones to come forward. the format today will be an introduction of the prime minister by ambassador beth jones. then the prime minister will speak. and then sit and take questions. the audience already knows this. if you have questions, perhaps he of written them out, we are not going to have time for a great number of questions, but hopefully the prime minister will find questions interesting. with that, libby turn it over. >> thank you very much. welcome to the delegation. especially welcome, it is great to be here
of the reporters interviewing these customers, these citizens, is that they need to educate themselves. journalism is an educational process. as a reporter you have to educate yourself and then you teach to the best of your ability your readers or viewers as to what you learned. the reporter is who put these people on the air or quote them in newspaper articles aren't doing that. they basically have someone -- they are following a narrative and narrative is people are suffering sticker shock and they get somebody who says, well, geez, i'm going to pay a lot higher premiums, i have sticker shock and that's the furthest the reporter goes and that's really not competent or responsible journalism when you keep in mind that premiums people pay is just part of the cost of insurance and medical care so nobody in the press or on the air seems to be looking at this saying, well, what do you get for that premium? what are costs going to be if you get sick and how much better are you going to be with obama care compliant plan that's got limited deductibles, limited out-of-pocket expenses, free preventative t
towards education that is not just a piece of paper, you really have to know how to do thing. then the subject came up in the mexican family. mexican family is a very strong unit in our country. and women at home have been the keystone holding families together. now, with the entrance of mexico into the modern world, there's a pressure on women to not only be a homemaker but also a bread winner. so that puts enormous pressure on women. and frankly, i don't think we value that, all they do correctly. because it's very difficult -- >> rose: what you intended to say was and perhaps you said and it was misconstrued was that we need to value what women do because they're working not only outside the home but they work inside the home too and they're called on to do more than men are called on. >> precisely. >> rose: so maybe the an is men should take a bigger role at home some women would say. >> it comes back to valuing work. sometimes there's a feeling that if a woman says well i work at home, i'm a homemaker night it -- >> rose: it doesn't have the same value. >> that's the
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somewhere educational. it's called showrooming and it's a thing. plus, of course you insure your car. but what about your bear trap collection? weird things people actually insure next on "the list." >> who's the most powerful of them all? this is forbes list of the world's most power poofl people. number four, pope francis. number three, she jenkins. number two, barack obama. >>> top three reasons ewe watch the list. number one, you learn things. number two, you laugh. and numb per three, you feel good knows the list just won four emmys. >>> hey, everybody, youm're on the list. i'm matt gallant. theresa has the day off. best buy? well, we haven't had the best luck of competing with rivals like amazon. now they're trying to get customers not just to browse and research prices, but to actually buy from them. connor, what's the deal? >> best buy is already in full holiday mode. recently, they debuted their first holiday ad featuring will aerks rnette. >> that phrase, your ultimate holiday showroom, is an interesting market choice. showrooming, the rack tis of going to a retail store t
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